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Clarity of Being: Self Realization and Clear-Mindedness

"Original writings that are challenging and clarifying. Read about enlightenment and the nature of reality, and the nature of our primary obstacles (and how you can do something about the latter);


Empower yourself for self actualization / self realization and self healing, and to clear negative influences and resolve emotional and 'mental health' issues and troubles with addictions, habits, compulsions, fixations, attachments, 'voices' and troublesome 'entity' manifestations...

All the writings are free of religion-speak (or indeed religion) or esotericism!"

Philip Goddard Personal Website

(author of Clarity of Being website) "Home Page and Personal Website of a self actualized / self realized Composer, Writer and Nature Photographer with a challenging perspective on the nature of our reality..."

The Age of Reason: Thomas Paine

"Paine's original work was published in two parts in 1794 and 1795, titled Part First and Part II, and it sold very well in America. Part III was completed in the late 1790's, but Thomas Jefferson convinced Paine not to publish it in 1802, aware of the possible reprisals. Five years later Paine decided to publish despite the backlash he knew would ensue. It did not sell well."