God Spoke

When a person or a book says that "God Spoke" (not be be confused with "God told me"), what does that mean? When we think of another person "speaking" to us, we can visualize the process. First the thought was formed in that person's mind. Then the mind sends the message to the lungs to force out air through the air passages to.... then the vocal cords are called to ...  and then the tongue shapes in various ways to shapes the sounds. See Speech and Speech Production.

When we think of God (or of anyone) speaking, there are several parts.

  • The original idea
  • The message that is trying to be conveyed
  • The Vehicle of transmission. (in what form is the message being transmitted: by spoken words, by writing, in a dream, through another person, through life experiences.
  • The message received (What is the content of the message when it is receive?)
  • How the message is understood. (What did the reciever of the message understand it to mean? We often translate messages through the filter of our own understanding of words, how the words are understrood as they relate to our own life experiences.....)

Now, let's take a look again at that phrase, "God spoke". In what form did God speak? Did God use sounds projecting through the air so that others could literally "hear" God's voice speaking? Could other people hear the same words of God speaking.  OR did God only speak to one person inside his head by using the person's own thoughts? Or did it come as advice or a message from a friend or another person?