God Told Me


Over my many years on ;this earth, I have heard various people mention that "God told me......" OR "God spoke to me". Sometimes these words are used as a pre-defense mechanism. It is a subtle way of implying "You are not allowed to question my decision or my words here, because my words are from God himself. This can be used to cover up selfish motives, poor decisions, etc. I would say, that when someone says that "God told me..." then their motives and actions should be closely examinined. (If it truly is from God, then it will survive the examination). But, if the speaker tries to evade closer scrutiny, or makes some type of excuse, then there is some monkey business going on. Don't believe a word of it.

In many ways it seems that Christians are too gullible, too fearful, or too foolish. They are too hestitant  and don't question someone who says, "God told me (to do this or that). They don't want to be seem to be questioning God's authority or direction. I say DO question deeply anyone who claims to speak for God. The higher the claim, the more that it should be investigated and questioned.