"The Bible Clearly Says"

Time and again I've heard various preachers and other Christians say "the Bible clearly says....." Now stop, think a minute. What are they really saying. When someone says the words "the Bible clearly says..." it is usually in the middle of a discussion or speach where they want to prove that he (the speaker) is right. For example one might say, "the Bible clearly says that women are to submit to their husbands" OR, on the other side, another might say, "No, the Bible clearly says that  both are to submit to one another."

Too many speakers draw out this weapon of "Biblical authority" in much the same way that the ancient gunfighters used to draw out their six-shooter.

This all shows sloppy thinking. Rather than claiming Biblical Authority, (such as quoting Bible verses, or claiming that the Bible says something,) Stop. Instead use clear logic and think out why you think something should be one way or another.

In saying this phrase there are a couple of subtle unproven assumption. The first unproven assumption is that the Bible carries some authority. (See, Does The Bible Claim to be the Word of God?) The second unproven assumption is that the Bible supports the speakers opinions about his or her topic. When a speaker resorts to "Biblical Authority", then we should more closely examine what he is saying. Does he have any substantial proof to back up his assumptions?