Is God Real? Is There a God?

Is there really a God, or is it all a fake? Should you believe in god, or should you not believe in God? What difference does it make anyway? This article is not intended to try to prove or disprove the existance of God. Rather, it is an attempt to get you to think deeply about what you believe about God and how that belief affects your thinking and behavior.

Christians try to prove that their is a god by quoting some words that have been written in a Book? Does that prove there is a God? Not really, that is just endless babbling that doesn't prove anything.

In truth, no one can prove there is a God and no one can disprove there is a God. All they give are endless ramblings on one side or the other, but no substantial evidence. The things to consider are this. Because no one can prove God  exists doesn't mean that there is no God. On the flip side, just because can't no one can disprove that God exists does not mean that there is a God. Whether or not there is a God is not dependent upon whether or not God can be proved.

As we think about whether or not there is a God, we might want to look at a few questions. Here are some other articles that I have written:

To be sure, when we try to prove or disprove the existance of God we must define what we mean by God.

Whether or not we believe in or think there is a god, or don't believe in God, we have to consider some realities. We are all living on this earth and we should make the best of it.

When people think about the concept of God, it is comforting to some to think that there is a personal God who is watching over them. It can be pretty fearful to think that we are here all alone on this tiny planet in the midst of the enormous universe.

Some Christians say that if there was no God, then there is nothing to stop people from doing evil. Well, let us stop and think about that. Is that even true. If there must be a God in order to stop people from doing evil, then what does it mean when we know that there is much evil in this world. Does the presence of evil prove the lack of a good being here? Does that make any more sense than the previous thought?