Faith Can Move Mountains

When I was much younger I would read the verse that said, "... Faith can move mountains..." and I thought that if I could just "muster up enough faith" then I could say, "Mountain, go into the sea." Of course, I could never muster up enough faith to make anything happen.

In recent years I've come to understand that concept of "moving mountains" entirely different. I think of one man with a shovel and wheel barrel. He looks at the mountain and says to himself, "I will move that mountain!" He sets out at the base of the mountain and puts his shovel into the dirt and digs out a shovel-ful. He dumps the dirt into the wheel barrel. Then he takes another shovelful and puts it into the wheel barrel. This cycle continues over and over again until the wheel barrel is full. The man then pushes the wheel barrel to the new location and dumps the dirt on the ground. He goes back for another load of dirt, then another and another. On and on it goes, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. As the new pile of dirt grows, and as people see the excitement of the man moving the mountain, people come to help. Each of the new people bring shovels and wheel barrels. Soon there are hundreds of people loading up their wheel barrels and moving dirt.

The point of this message is to show faith in one of it's finest forms. Faith combined with hard work and perseverance. Now, let's look at that verse that says, "Faith without works is dead." Here we can see that if that man just sat in his chair trying to "muster up enough faith" to move the mountain, nothing of value would ever have been accomplished.

So, the definition of faith we will use in this situation would be: Intention + having a plan + putting plan into action + perseverance = Faith in Action.

How does this apply to my life and to your life. If we believe God has called us to some task or goal, get up and get busy. Do whatever is set before you without complaint. Grumbling and complaining can destroy even the strongest faith. Instead of complaining "this is too big", start dreaming and planning how to make your dream happen.