2 Oct 2016

Doctrines Are Divisive Opinions Masquerading as Truth

Submitted by Stephen Winters

Doctrines are not facts, but they are only opinions. Doctrines are one of the major barriers that separate people. They make it impossible for people of honor and good character to join and become part of a wide variety of churches. It is my opinion that churches should throw away their docrinal opinions and just focus on love, which is the greatest...

Many churches falsely believe that they need to maintain their doctrines to "keep their church pure" or "on track" or "separate from the world." These false assumptions are part of what is destroying the churches.

Instead of focusing correct doctrine, they should focusing on developing honorable character.

I would like to see churches where people can come together and share no matter where they are on their journey. The churches should focus on how we live our lives, not upon supposed correct doctrine. Doctrines are very divisive. They don't let people be true to themselves. In order to be part of a church body the people either have to keep quiet about their thoughts or risk being asked to leave it they express thoughts that go contrary to the "beliefs and doctrine" of any given church. This is not how it should be.

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