8 Nov 2016

Finding Interest in Life

Submitted by Stephen Winters

Do you find your life boring? Do your job borring and uninteresting, devoid of meaning? Do you dread going to work each day, thinking that it is just going to be another dreary day? Are you considering quiting your job to find another one that you think would be more interesting? Are you discouraged or depressed thinking that life will never get better?

Well, let me tell you that there is hope. LIfe can be more meaningful?

Well, that is because of your mindset and your own attitude.

I submit to you that nothing in this life has anything interesting in and of itself.
To find interest in life, you must put that interest there yourself.


Many people struggle through life thinking that their life makes no difference to the world or anyone else. Let me give you


Change your attitude...  Don't Try, but Do.

The difference between Trying And Doing.

With Trying, you start off by giving yourself a way out if it doesn't work. Consequently you don't put your best continued effort into it. YOu are always evaluating everthing to see if it is going to fail.

With Doing, you put aside the whole thouoght of failing and look for ways to make it succeed. You are determined and perseverant. You WILL find a way. If one thing doesn't work, you'll try another, and other, and another. You are also willing to reevaluate and change your original thought and plans as you find different or better ways to accomplish the end goal. You also reach out to other people ......

The difference between a positive entusiastic mental attitude. As you press on to succeed you begin to realize that your own attitude is one of the biggest contributers to whether you succeed or fail.

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