30 May 2018

A Spotless Life

Submitted by Stephen Winters
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What does it mean to live a spotless life? Is it even possible? In this article, I will attempt to answer this question as best as I can for myself. This will be an ongoing article that I may keep adding to and revising as I learn more. This article was prompted by, and inspired by, my (what I hope to be) series of blog post about living a spotless life.

Living a spotless life is developing new habits, new thinking patterns so as not to bring shame or reproach on myself or on others. It is learning to correct my faults one by one as I become aware of them.

A spotless life is more of a journey, a process, than it is a destination or a location. It is not something that I can achieve and then no longer have to work at. It is more like an ongoing progressive process of diclosure. It is not about being perfect and never making mistakes. Rather, it is about recognizing and owning up to my mistakes, picking up the broken pieces, reparing the broken and damaged pieces. It's about cleaning up my messing, correcting my mistakes.

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