26 Sep 2015

Dee Duke

Submitted by Stephen Winters

I was listening to the radio and, as part of his sermon, i heard this today:

"When I say I love you, my commitment to you is, "I will not get upset or irritated (not even a little bit) by anything that you do or say."
You can't control your initial emotions.
It begins with self talk, "It's OK, It's OK, It won't matter, I won't remember this next year."
Dee Duke, Jefferson Baptist"




23 Sep 2015

The Customer Experience

Submitted by Stephen Winters

In traditional experience much emphasis has been place on getting people to believe "correct doctrine". In other words, the church leaders, both from the past and the present, have determined and written what they believe to be the "right set of beliefs" to "get you to heaven, etc." That whole premise is based upon the idea that everyone has a wrong set of beliefs and need to be sold a "correct" set of beliefs. It puts the church members and leaders in an uneven relationship with the "unbelievers" or the "unsaved".

18 Sep 2015

The Modern Church Model

Submitted by Stephen Winters
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In Ancient times very few people could read or write. To share information people could talk to others one by one. While that is often the best way, it takes a long time to tell anyone about the news or message. The other way to share information or messages more quickly was to get everyone together and have a speaker get up in front and tell everyone what needed to be told. That was the best method during that time in history. But, since the advent of the printing press, then later newspapers, radio, television, and now the Internet, the methods of sharing information has exploded.


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