7 Oct 2011

Christ and Religion

Submitted by Stephen Winters
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In the Bible it says, "we have the mind of Christ."

What is Christ? What does that mean? How does that practically work out? If Jesus "christ" as the son of God, and if God is love (as we are told), then could it be that the term "christ" is what refers to our motivation, our desire, our wanting to do what is right?

True religion is helping the widows and orphans in their distress. True religion is not true religion because it is call by a particular name. Just because a building or a group of people are called "christian" doesn't mean that they are true followers of God.

4 Oct 2011

Using "THE" word

Submitted by Stephen Winters
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When you call something "THE".... then that negates the possibility that there are any others. You are in effect saying that it is THE only one. When you attach "THE" to an object, then you are, by implication, saying that there is only one. There is no other, and there is no other way. Conversely, if you call something "A" Something, then you, by implication, indicate that it could be only one of many.
Now let us attach "THE" to an object, more specifically a book that many call "THE" Word of God.

30 Sep 2011

God's Word and Bible Study

Submitted by Stephen Winters
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I'm sixty years old and have went to numerous Bible studies over many years. Quite frankly, I don't like bible studies. All I ever found there has been an endless studying, for knowledge, the same book over and over again. It seems to me that, in general, many Christians don't know what to do with one another except to have a Bible study.

25 Sep 2011

One God

Submitted by Stephen Winters

God said, "I AM." If God is the "I AM", then he is .... He doesn't "have" love, but he is love.
"I AM love"
"I AM truth"
"I AM life"
"I AM the way"
"I AM spirit"

God is one
God is all and in all

There is only one God,
Who created the universe
who is the god of all mankind. Whether the people be Christians, or Islam, or ... There is only one God, who is the God of all peoples, religions, languages. The main difference is that each person or each religions sees God differently.


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