25 Jul 2010

Trials come for a purpose

Submitted by Stephen Winters
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Trials come to either tear you down or to build you up, your choice. If you run from the trial you are slowly torn down and become less capable. Trials often come to teach us lessonsH. If you face the trial head on, keeping a good attitude, resting when you need to, studying out and working through the problem, you become more capable, more knowledgeable and less afraid.
Face your problems with acceptance and a good attitude.Learn to work with life, don't avoid life or fight against it. Face your problems with acceptance and a good attitude.

20 Jul 2010

Living A Godly Life

Submitted by Stephen Winters
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When many hear the term "godly life", visions of men or women spend hours each day on their knees in prayer, praying for the lost people in the world. Along with the come thoughts of being faithful about attending church and prayer meetings, reading the bible, witness to the lost.... Is this what it means to be godly?

What does it mean to be godly?

13 Jul 2010

Religion, Science, & Superstitions

Submitted by Stephen Winters


True religion and true science are in agreement. They both are about seeing the world as it really is.

a true definition of faith is the day by day living out of what you belief (know to be true). a false definition of faith is believing the illogical.

Over the past two thousand years the Christian religion has picked up a lot of superstitions  and erroneous teachings. (give examples)

8 Jul 2010

Living the Life

Submitted by Stephen Winters


With modern-day Christianity it seems that people are content with using "Christian" words and phrases, but are they willing to live the life? What does it mean to live a godly life? (I have purposely not used the word "Christian" since it really doesn't mean much nowaday.)

I know of a 15 year old boy who has signed onto Facebook. He said that he was a christian and wanted to tell others of God's glory. He wants to be pastor some day and wants to dedicate his life to God.


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