15 Jan 2011


Submitted by Stephen Winters

Perhaps make out a multi-part questionaire, survey, or test, or use CCK (as I did in the homeschool writing website) Say in the questionaire that there are no wrong answer. This is about you, and helping you discover what you think and believe. We would suggest that you not ask anyone else about this. (It's OK to show the questionaire to others to get advice about the questions, but in giving the answers you should think about what you yourself think and believe. The answers shouldn't be about what others have told you, or what you heard somewhere. Again, this is about you and your ideas and beliefs.


If a person has held firmly to his same beliefs all his life, then he is probably an immature literal thinker and has never let himself grow.


I still have to study this out, but I seem to remember that "we" are supposed to be the "Living" word of God. I'm not sure if I'm remembering it correctly, so will have to look at it more.

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