15 Jan 2011


Submitted by Stephen Winters


Why am I spending so much thought and so much energy on debunking the Bible misconceptions?

Because the focus of many Christians is on the wrong ...... Our main focus should be on...

We need to think beyond just studying or memorizing the words on the page

We also need to realize that God is all around us, and he has much to teach us through each interaction or situation in our life. God can give his word to us through our families, friends, employers, co-workers, etc.

One main reason that I'm writing this information about the Bible and the Word of God is to study out what is true and right

Another reason is that there is a common belief around that says, "If you don't believe that the Bible is the Word of God, you are going to hell. I'm also writing this out as an answer to this.

I'm not trying to convince anyone else of these ideas, but am only studying and writing out what I've been thinking for the last few years.

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