18 May 2011

True Beliefs

Submitted by Stephen Winters
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There are our true beliefs and our stated beliefs. There can be a big difference between what we truly believe and what we think that we believe. Our actions, not our words, show what we truly believe. Our true beliefs are what govern our thoughts and our actions. For example, if we say that we believe we can be the president of a company, but we never do anything to work towards being the president of that company, then our true beliefs are not in agreement with our stated beliefs. Our words say that we believe, but our actions say that we don't believe. Otherwise, it can be plainly stated as, "what we do is what we believe."

In much the same way, many people's stated belief is not the same as their true belief. Our perceived beliefs are not truth. They are only our perceptions of our imagined realities.

Foundational Beliefs. What are your beliefs based upon? Many beliefs are opinions masquading as beliefs. They are built upon traditions.

Many churches, organizations say that they are Bible based. In much the same way,  many people who claim to be Christians say or imply that they are "Bible believing". The implication is that the Bible contains and is the source of all knowledge and truth. Yet, none of the writers of the texts of the Bible ever said that their writings were anything more than their (human) writings.

When we base our beliefs on the Bible (or any other book), one major problem is that its words can be understood and interpreted in a number of different ways. This can be seen by the countless denominations and "Christian" religions who all claim to be Bible based, yet who disagree or argue of many trivial or meaningless topics.

Yet, we can join or participate in a "secular" organization, business or group which is based upon the principles of Integrity, Honor, Truth, Loyalty.... etc. As a participant of these groups we (should) realize that we are called upon to act in a manner worthy of the groups principles.



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