8 Jun 2011


Submitted by Stephen Winters


As one writer said:

"When a theist claims that a god exists, one of the first questions atheists should ask is "what do you mean by 'god'?" Without understanding what the theist means, the atheist simply cannot evaluate the claim. By the same token, unless the theist is very clear about what he means, he cannot adequately explain and defend his beliefs." What is God? Definitions, Characteristics, and Attributes of God

This is so true. How can any religious person make a claim for God if they don't know what god is?

‘For in him we live and move and have our being.’ As some of your own poets have said, ‘We are his offspring.’  Acts 17:28(NIV)

If we "live and move and have our being" in God, then we are in the midst of God at all times of our lives.

What is God?

Just saying that God is a person is too simplistic. It doesn't really say anything about God and what that implies to each of us.

He is the Father: He is the source and beginning of all things. All things originate from and with Him.

  1. God is all and in all

He is spirit: He is the vital principal....
He is truth: He is whatever is true, he is the spirit and intention of telling the truth.

Some would say that God loves us or that God "has" love for us. It is really that simplistic?

 One could say that  then follow it with  The result would then be..
God "is" love. (True) Love "is" God. When we walk in God, we are walking in Love.
When we walk in Love, we are living in God.
God "is" truth" (Real) Truth "is" God When we walk in God, we are walking in Truth.
When we walk in Truth, we are living in God.
God "is" light (True) Light "is" God When we walk in God, we are walking in Light.
When we walk in Light, we are living in God.
God "is" spirit. (True) Spirit "is" God When we walk in God, we are walking in Spirit.
When we walk in Spirit, we are living in God.
God "is" life. (True) Life "is" God When we walk in God, we are walking in Life.
When we walk in Life, we are living in God.

When God "lives" in us, in what form does He live in us? Could it be that when he lives in us He is alive as the desire to tell the truth, (the spirit of truth), the spirit of love (which gives us the abililty to love even our enemies, he gives us the light to take one more step (when all the world around us seems dark), as we follow his precepts and directions he gives us a life beyond compare.

It is so easy to see God as "only" a "Person" and lose track of what God truly is.

God is not a single item or characteristic. It is true that God is ONE, and that one is everything. God is All, and in all and through all.

Men and religion want to make God into a "person" so that he can be like us. But God can't be confined into our own likeness. God is more than all that we can dream or imagine.

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