18 May 2010


Submitted by Stephen Winters

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Our Basic Premise is that God is in total control of everything (both here on earth, in the universe, and everywhere else) AND we are able to make choices about our lives and our future. 

God's ways are far higher than our ways. His ways are beyond understanding. Everything that happens is part of God's plan. There is nothing that happens here on earth (and everywhere else) that is outside of God's plan or outside of his will.Nothing that happens here on earth catches God by surprise. God does much more that "allow things to happen", instead he is the cause (whether directly or indirectly) of every circumstance, situation, happening, etc. Even the most (seemingly) horrific things that happen are all in God's plan. He sees far more that we can see or understand.

At the same time, he (seemingly) gives us total free will to do as we please. It is obvious that we can make choices about what to do with our lives. In an instant, we can choose to do either good or evil in small ways, or in ways that alter our lives dramatically. Along with our "free-will" choices we also experience the consequences of our choices. Those consequences teach us teach us to listen to God and to be obedient to his ways. 

Once we begin to grasp (to our limited ability) the immense power and purpose of God's plan, everything changes for us. We are no longer afraid of disasters.

The links below explain more about faith in our daily life. 

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