5 Nov 2011

What is Legalism?

Submitted by Stephen Winters
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It is so easy for one who is under another's authority to fire off "You are so legalistic" to those in authority. One real potential problem with this way of think is it can be used as an excuse to not follow the rules.

The rules are not the problem. No matter where we are we all under rules, guidelines. It's our attitude toward the authority that is the problem.

A driver can think and say, "following the speed limit" is so legalistic. That works out to be, "The speed laws are so legalistic THEREFORE I won't obey the laws.

It's a heart issue. First we must look at the reason for the rules.

Rules in themselves cannot be legalistic. When a supervisor applies rules, that doesn't

Rebellion against rules is a heart issue.

There are (at least) two types of "legalism", real legalism and pseudo-legalism.

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