31 Dec 2011

My Working Premises for this Website

Submitted by Stephen Winters

One might ask me, "Your ideas are so different from "Traditional" Christianity. What makes you think that you are right? Of the first matter, I don't claim to be right. I just think about and write out what makes sense to me. My Presiding Question for every article is, "What is Right? What is True?". My Accompanying thought is "Truth is very simple and very logical. The truth makes sense! And yet, it can be very difficult to comprehend.

My basic premise, my basic question, is "What is true?" I also realize that each of us is limited in our ability to truly see the truth. We can only see what we can see. We are also often hindered by recognizing and accepting the truth because of what we think that we know. Our immaturity and our pride (of thinking that we are right, or that we know everything) blinds our eyes from seeing and understanding the truth. Although the truth is very simple, it can be extremely overwhelming.

From early childhood we each of been taught and learned many things. We think that just because "we" (think that we) know something, then that means that it is true. Anything that disagrees with our beliefs is wrong. This thinking keeps us blind to the truth in immature.

Here are some of the things and my basic premises:

It seems to me that the Greek language that was used to write the New Testament was just the basic Greek language. To see more about this, see "Biblical" Greek.

To try to understand what the original intent of the writers of the New Testament I look up the Greek definitions of some words. Using the Greek words I also search the Internet common Greek definitions.

Quite often when I have a "new" or "different" idea about some aspect of religion or beliefs, etc, I search the Internet for my thought to see if anyone else has written anything about it. If any of the articles I find make sense to me I enter them into the Biblio (bibliography) of this website. I often put articles on both sides of the argument in the Biblio.

I try to think things out and then to clearly write out where I got my ideas and why I came to a particular thought or conclusion. I do this so that I can remember why I came to this conclusion and it also will, hopefully, show the reader why I wrote what I did and how I came to a particular thought. This way, if there is a flaw in my logic or in my thought, it might be traced out and corrected.

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