22 Mar 2013

The World At Large

Submitted by Stephen Winters

Have you ever wondered where the world came from? 

When we consider how the world got here, we are left with the following options (and perhaps others):

If the World has always been here,

  • Would that mean that no one made it?

Or, if it had a beginning

If it had a beginning, then we have to wonder:

  • Did it happen by accident?
  • Did it create itself?
  • Or was it created

If the world was created,

  • was it created by "accident"
  • or was it "intentionally" created?

If it was created by Accident

  • If it was created by accident, how did that happen?
  • What has to come together to make that act of creation happen?
  • Was it a one-time accident, or a series of on-going "accidents".

Or was it created Intentionally?

  • If it was it intentionally created, how did that happen?
  • If it was intentionally created, then the power of intent presupposes that something has the power of intention.
  • Can anything except a mind have intention?

If something or some power created the world, what was that something? We could easily call the power Tau, or The Great Spirit, or whatever else.  For the sake of simplicity, let's call that power "God". (The name we call it isn't important. It is what it is now matter what we call it.)

Assuming that what we call "God" made the world, then we wonder how much he is involved in it. Here are some possible options:

  • God made the world and then is not involved in it. He just lets it go on however it will
  • God made the world and only steps in occasionally to correct or change something that might be going wrong
  • God made the world and has a stream on himself or his .... in it. Most of the world is going wrong.
  • God made the world and he is (separate from the world, yet is) intimately involved with everything that is happening
  • God made the world and He has created everything, is holding everything together by his power. He is controlling everything that has happened or that is happening.


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