22 May 2015

The Only True Religion

Submitted by Stephen Winters

Today I was skimming the titles of my email inbox I saw a subject of "Do XXXXX Believe They Are The Only True Religion?" (I deleted the name of the religion because that is irrelevant.) The whole point about whether someone believes if they are the only true religion is not the question that you should be asking. Questions about which is the true religion OR "My religion is the true relgion" is all about human pride. It goes back to the childhood behavior of "My dad is bigger than your dad" OR my X is better than your X. That is childish and immature behavior.

In reality, it doesn't matter which religion is "better". What matters is:

  • Are you living out the truth that you know?
  • Are you acting in true love towards all others, even to those you don't like?
  • Are you treating others with true respect and honor?"
  • Are you being kind and considerate to those who believe differently than you do?



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