28 Jun 2015

Fix Your Mistakes Promptly

Submitted by Stephen Winters

We all make mistakes. But if we fix out mistakes immediately it's almst as though we never made the  mistake. This weekend we had gone camping on a friend's property. When we had finished camping and departed for home I left my camera at my frien's house. After we had arrived home my friend called and told me that I had left my camera at his house. He offered to drop if by my place after work on the next day. With that I began to think about how my camera would then be left in his car all day. The next day was supposed to be a hot day, perhaps the camera would be damaged from the heat, or perhaps it might be stolen from his car. Then he might forget, etc. It was already late tonight, but he said he'f be up another half hour. so I said I would come back and get it, which I did. As I did this I thought about how, as I was in the process of fixing my mistake, that it would be over with. It would be as though I had not made a mistake.

How well this applies to so many other things in life. If I break something or cause damage, fix it or replace it right away. Then there is no after affects from the damage.

If at all possible, go get theitem that you forgot, or repair the item that you broke, or..... in any case, if you can do it immediately do it.

If you don't, the item or pieces can get lost,







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