8 Jul 2010

Living the Life

Submitted by Stephen Winters


With modern-day Christianity it seems that people are content with using "Christian" words and phrases, but are they willing to live the life? What does it mean to live a godly life? (I have purposely not used the word "Christian" since it really doesn't mean much nowaday.)

I know of a 15 year old boy who has signed onto Facebook. He said that he was a christian and wanted to tell others of God's glory. He wants to be pastor some day and wants to dedicate his life to God.

Then he put his Relationship Status as Single. He put his birthday month and day, but left out the year that he was born. He put his interests as: Women, and that he was looking for friendship and dating.

It would seem that he wants women to think that he is older than he is. Why did he hide his age? Why would a 15 year old boy say that he's looking for a relationship with a woman for friendship and dating? Since a teenage boy is obviously not ready to settle down, get married, and raise a family, why does he want to date women?

Going through counseling, I learned about a thinking error called the "lie of ommission". We lie by ommission when we leave out important details in order to not reveal the truth. What did that boy do when he left out part of the details of his age? What was his intent?

Another important concept I learn in counseling was "right-to-know, need-to-know". We don't leave out important details with anyone who has a right to know, or who needs to know.

Why am I even writing about this? There is a big incorrect focus of modern day Christianity today that implies that if you "believe the right thing" (which is really meant that if you say the right "religious words") or if you "agree to the correct statement of faith", then you are a true christian. I ask, where did the concepts of integrity, honor, truth, justice, and responsibility go. It use to (rightly) be the men and women were judged by the quality and integrity of the character. Nowadays, character takes a back seat to speaking the right religious words. Consequently, the non-christians see the hypocrasy of the lives of many christians.

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