13 Jul 2010

Religion, Science, & Superstitions

Submitted by Stephen Winters


True religion and true science are in agreement. They both are about seeing the world as it really is.

a true definition of faith is the day by day living out of what you belief (know to be true). a false definition of faith is believing the illogical.

Over the past two thousand years the Christian religion has picked up a lot of superstitions  and erroneous teachings. (give examples)

Back in the days the Jesus was on the earth, many of the common people believed superstitions. Since they didn't know the truth (lack of knowledge, lack of science) about many things (sickness, bad behaviors, death, etc.) they made up all types of false beliefs (superstitions about witches, spirits, demons, etc.) to try to make sense of what was happening. Only their superstitions were not very helpful because they became even more afraid. Their false beliefs gave them no power over what was happening. Jesus came to show people the truth and to set people free from their erroneous and harmful belief systems. He came to show people the truth about God and about the world around them. Jesus was a true scientist. Following his death his disciples continued to spread his true science. Many people came into the light of understanding the truth about God,  themselves, and the powers of this world. They came into freedom. The people in the church were people of faith (the people who lived by the truth). They were lights to those who lived in darkness (who lived by their false beliefs and superstitions)...


Through the centuries, when those superstitious people came into the church, they brought many of their superstitions with them and mixed them with the religious beliefs. These erroneous beliefs have been made a part of the theology of the church and have been carried down even to the present day. Nowadays much of the church is living in the bondage of those false superstitious belief systems and they are fighting against the truth of modern science. Just to clarify, not all that claims to be science is true science, just as all that claims to be true religion is of God.

True science is merely examining to see what is true and how things really operate.



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