Our Spiritual Journey

Much of this information has been written by and comes from Stephen and to a lesser from Emmy, who is still to a larger degree somewhat a traditional Christian. This website has been written by Stephen and most describes his own spiritual awareness and journey.
  1. 20 Jul 2018

    Is There A God?

    Submitted by Stephen Winters

    In a large sense, I really don't care if there is a god, or a God, or not. It is what it is. Either there is a god/God or there isn't. Whatever I think or believe about it isn't going to change that reality. "What reality?" you ask. The reality of if there is or isn't a God.

    Rather than get entangled with arguments for or against the concept of each person idea of god/God, I think it is much more important how we treat one another and how we live our lives. Any view of god/God that is worth anything is going to want us to treat one another with love, honor, and respect.

  2. 20 Jul 2018

    Accountability and hope

    Submitted by Stephen Winters

    For most of my life I have been extremely averse to the whole idea of accountability. To me, it had the feel of someone standing over my should and watching everything that I do, waiting for me to do anything wrong, then to jump on me. I have avoided any groups that talked being accountable. It had the feeling of someone else trying to control me.

  3. 18 Jul 2018

    Wanting to be Known and Accepted

    Submitted by Stephen Winters

    For a long time I have been wanting people to know who I was, what I thought about, and what I believed, and to fully accept me within that context. I've wanted people in my life to really listen to me, want to deeply know me, and to fully accept me for who I am. I have wanted to be validated by other people. I've wanted that from one of my relatives for a long time. In fact, that would be great if I received that from most of my close family. However, that hasn't happened. I remember part of what my counselor told me, that of not traumatizing other people by what I would say or do.

  4. 25 Jun 2018

    Stephen's Eating Plan

    Submitted by Stephen Winters
    I have been overweight most of my life. I have tried to lose weight on and off many times with varying degrees of success, or failure. One of my biggest challenges over all those years is that I had no real plan, except (to try to) "Eat less".
    I don't do it perfectly. I find what is most important to me is that I become more and more proactive. I'm not yet very good at planning, but this is what I do. Right now I'm on an elimination diet as well
  5. 22 Jun 2018

    Living a Life of Wonder

    Submitted by Stephen Winters
    Is This Life Horrible or Wonderful?
    In this life, what you look for is what you will find.
    If you are looking for what is miserable and awful,
        that is what you will find, a world that is miserable and awful,
          filled with every dreaded thing
    If you look for what is wonderful and awe-inspiring,
        that is what you will find, a world that is wonderful and awe-inspiring,
          filled with all the delights and wonders of this.
  6. 31 May 2018

    A Spotless Life, A Beginning.

    Submitted by Stephen Winters
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    As I look around me, my house is a mess, my workshop is a mess, the yard is a mess. In the past I have cleaned up this or that, only to have it become a mess again in a very short time. Each time I did the cleaning, I didn't change anything about be, or how I have related to the environment and my surroundings. I've heard it said that the first thing to change is to admit that there is a problem. More than that is to admit my part of the problem. For much of my life I've been a messer-upper. I have not contributed to improving myself or my surroundings in a consistant ongoing manner.

  7. 30 May 2018

    A Spotless Life

    Submitted by Stephen Winters
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    What does it mean to live a spotless life? Is it even possible? In this article, I will attempt to answer this question as best as I can for myself. This will be an ongoing article that I may keep adding to and revising as I learn more. This article was prompted by, and inspired by, my (what I hope to be) series of blog post about living a spotless life.

  8. 29 May 2018

    Living A Spotless Life

    Submitted by Stephen Winters
    This morning I was in the kitchen looking at our black gas range. It is a constant struggle to keep it clean. As I cook I am constantly dropping or drisling small specks of food on the rangetop. Even in my cleaning it is hard for me to get all the specks off of it. It seems that I'm constantly dropping tiny specks on it and it seems almost impossible to keep clean. I've wished for a multi-colored surface that wouldn't show the dirt and specks.
  9. 27 May 2018

    What do I know?

    Submitted by Stephen Winters
    In my life there have been times when I so wanted others to agree with me or to acknowlege that I was right or that I had the answers.
    However, the further along I get in this journey of life I get, the more I realize how little I do know. And it is becoming less important to me that everyone (or anyone) agrees with me, or thinks that I am right. It is also less important to me that I know that I am right. I just try to do the best I can and try to do the right thing, with the facts and situations in life as I see them from my limited perspective.
  10. 30 Oct 2017

    194 CONTRADICTIONS, New Testament

    Submitted by Stephen Winters
    194 CONTRADICTIONS, New Testament. [Online]. Available: http://www.skeptically.org/bible/id6.html.

    194 CONTRADICTIONS, New Testament

    from http://www.innvista.com/culture/religion/bible/contrant.htm

    There is an old tradition of listing the contradictions in the bible

    New Testament

    1.       Jesus' lineage was traced through David's son Solomon. Mt.1:6.
              Jesus' lineage was traced through David's son Nathan. Lk.3:31.

  11. 28 Sep 2017

    Church of the Larger Fellowship (CLF)

    Submitted by Stephen Winters


    Wherever you are in the world, wherever your truth takes you on your spiritual journey, the Church of the Larger Fellowship (CLF) is there to keep you connected with Unitarian Universalism (UU). Our 3,500 members, with their children, live all over the world. What brings us together is the desire to connect, seek, share and grow within Unitarian Universalism.


  12. 4 Jul 2017

    Having Faith Versus Seeking Truth

    Submitted by Stephen Winters
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    Accepting the "Faith" of a religion is in many ways much simpler and easier that questioning the status quo to find out what is true.

    Many religions have the "Statement of Faith" all written out. All you have to do is just agree to that statement and it is all done, neat and clean. Now, just every time your mind doubts and questions anything, just repeat, "Doubt your doubts, believe your beliefs". You never have to go beyond that.

  13. 20 Apr 2017

    Men's Work

    Submitted by Stephen Winters
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    There is a real (danger?) in any one type of "men's work" thinking that they are better than anything else based on.... In free reality, the particular program that a man went through is not as important as the fruit that has been produced in a man's character.

  14. 16 Mar 2017

    Putting Aside Beliefs

    Submitted by Stephen Winters

    For many years I have been taught and told how important having the "right beliefs". For years I accepted that premise without questioning it. I even went as far as to try to define what my beliefs were. Toward that end I even did a lot of thinking and writing to try to put together something that I could use to be better define what I "believe" about ....