Our Spiritual Journey

Much of this information has been written by and comes from Stephen and to a lesser from Emmy, who is still to a larger degree somewhat a traditional Christian. This website has been written by Stephen and most describes his own spiritual awareness and journey.
  1. 12 Sep 2012
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    Makeup is an illusion. It is a lie. It promises beauty but gives heartache. It teaches you to hide your flaws (and we all have flaws) as something to be ashamed of. It teaches you that true beauty is something that you apply to your skin. It is all based on a lie. It tells you that if you can make your external perfect then you will be happy. But it can't fulfil its promise, it only leaves a momentary pleasure.... high.

  2. 27 Aug 2012

    A Religious Skeptic

    Submitted by Stephen Winters
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    As I write this in August 2012 I'm 61 years old, and I can truthfully say that I'm a religious/spiritual/faith skeptic. For example, when you want to claim some religious doctorine (or any other opinion) I would say, prove it to me here in front of my face, where I can see it with my own eyes, touch handle and hold it with my own hands, disect it and examine it. (1 John 1:1) Do it slowly so that I can watch each step closely, explain it to me so that I can understand the process for myself.

  3. 21 Aug 2012

    Summary of the Four Agreements

    Submitted by Stephen Winters
    M. Laub, Summary of the Four Agreements. [Online]. Available: http://www.humanpotentialunlimited.com/Summary-content.html.

    Be Impeccable with Your Word

    Speak with integrity.  Say only what you mean.  Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others.  Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.

    Impeccable means “without sin” and a sin is something you do or believe that goes against yourself.  It means not speaking against yourself, to yourself or to others.  It means not rejecting yourself.  To be impeccable means to take responsibility for yourself, to not participate in “the blame game.”

  4. 21 Aug 2012

    Learning to Live in God

    Submitted by Stephen Winters
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    One might say that the true God is the embodiment of everything that is true, honorable, virtuous, and true. It is not enough to say that God "has" love, but God Himself is the essence of all that is true love. The converse is also true. All true love is God. In a very real sense we "worship" God and "live" in God by living a life of true love. The same is true of all the other virtues and character qualities. We live in God as we endeavor to live them out and express them to the fullest. How do we do that?

  5. 31 Jul 2012

    What About The Bible

    Submitted by Stephen Winters
    R. R. Davis, What About The Bible, 2012. [Online]. Available: http://uusalem.org/Media/uusalem/2/2012_05_20_What_About_the_Bible.pdf.

    What About The Bible?

    The Reverend Richard R. Davis

    May 20, 2012

    Sometimes when curious folks call here to learn about Unitarian Universalism they ask a seemingly 

    simple, reasonable question.   Yet it is a question I don’t like having to answer on the spot.  After all, 

    some matters can’t be reduced into short sound bite explanations dished out on the fly.  Instead of having to answer this question on the spot what I really wish is that I could make it the subject of an entire sermon.  Hey, good idea.  

  6. 30 Jul 2012

    Choose Your Framework

    Submitted by Stephen Winters

    Choose your framework

    chose components of framework


    What is right, ethical, 


    I want it


    Do you trust in God, or in your image of God?

    "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." (Bishop Carlton Pearson)

    "No problem can be solved from the same consiousness that created it. We must see the world anew." (Albert Einstein)