Our Spiritual Journey

Much of this information has been written by and comes from Stephen and to a lesser from Emmy, who is still to a larger degree somewhat a traditional Christian. This website has been written by Stephen and most describes his own spiritual awareness and journey.
  1. 28 Jun 2015

    Fix Your Mistakes Promptly

    Submitted by Stephen Winters

    We all make mistakes. But if we fix out mistakes immediately it's almst as though we never made the  mistake. This weekend we had gone camping on a friend's property. When we had finished camping and departed for home I left my camera at my frien's house. After we had arrived home my friend called and told me that I had left my camera at his house. He offered to drop if by my place after work on the next day. With that I began to think about how my camera would then be left in his car all day.

  2. 28 Jun 2015

    A Gift of Camping

    Submitted by Stephen Winters

    We just got back from camping this weekend.  We have a friend who we've known from church for about 7 or 8 years.  Last weekend he had made his 12 acres available to the church for a camping weekend. Previous to the weekend he had spend countless hours mowing fields (to be used for parking and camping) pruning back many trails, hauling tables and chairs from the church, setting up a volleyball court and other games. However, it turned out that there were other church events happening during this same weekend.

  3. 26 Jun 2015

    Is the Bible Reliable?

    Submitted by Stephen Winters
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    There has been much talk today about whether or not the Bible is the Word of God, whether or not the Bible is inerrant, authorative, the final authority in all things relatiing to faith... In this post I won't address any of those issues. The one issue I will address is if the Bible is reliable. But, before we can attempt to answer that question we must examine what we mean by reliable. First, let us look at what the dictionary says about the definiton of reliable:

  4. 18 Jun 2015

    It seems that whenever I decide to develop a character trait in me that God brings a lot of circumstances into my life to test my resolve and to make it real in me. For instance, the latest principle is to do everything without grumbling and complaining . But how does one do that? So I have just been trying to refrain from grumbling but I still feel the  grumblies within me .

  5. 18 Jun 2015

    Men: Finding Meaning and Significance

    Submitted by Stephen Winters

    Men want meaning and significance of their lives, however they often don't know how to achieve it. They think that they have to do something grandiose or that they have to make themselves look good or they try to win it by good personality . All those things are meaningless dribble. True meaning and significance can only be achieved by being real and honest about who you are and what you are doing. It is in learning to connect with people in a real and meaningful way, putting aside all pretense of trying to look good or trying to be the best.

  6. 17 Jun 2015

    You never know where life is going to lead, or where the events of any day may take you. Great blessings often come out of seeming tragedies. Live each moment with integrety and honor (without grumbling and complaining) there are blessings waiting for you at any moment. I have an unusual story to tell.

  7. 13 Jun 2015

    Over the past two or three months I have been helping to plan a men's retreat . Part of the focus of the retreat, which was last weekend, was being men of character and learning to willingly serve our wives. As part of that I have been doing a lot of thinking about the type of husband that I want to be, which is to act kindly and considerately towards her at all times and to put her need before my own.

  8. 31 May 2015

    Developing Character

    Submitted by Stephen Winters

    On every task I whether important or unimportant, you are training yourself to do quality work or sloppy work.

    Your real life is the life that you live while you are working.


  9. 22 May 2015

    The Only True Religion

    Submitted by Stephen Winters

    Today I was skimming the titles of my email inbox I saw a subject of "Do XXXXX Believe They Are The Only True Religion?" (I deleted the name of the religion because that is irrelevant.) The whole point about whether someone believes if they are the only true religion is not the question that you should be asking. Questions about which is the true religion OR "My religion is the true relgion" is all about human pride. It goes back to the childhood behavior of "My dad is bigger than your dad" OR my X is better than your X. That is childish and immature behavior.

  10. 13 Apr 2015


    Submitted by Stephen Winters
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    Our teenage son really wants to play football. He'd like to (hopefully) play football during the last 2 years of high school so that he might be able to go to college on a football scholarship.

    My wife and I have been opposed to the idea. Over the past few weeks I


    The thought seemed to come to me is can we trust God? Our son seems to be bent in a different way than we would like him to go. He goes out to play football with this friends any chance that he gets.

    As I was out riding my bike yesterday afternoon

  11. 29 Mar 2015
    M. E. I. R. BAR-ILAN, Illiteracy in the Land of Israel in the first centuries c.e., 1997. [Online]. Available: https://faculty.biu.ac.il/~barilm/illitera.html.

    Illiteracy in the Land of Israel in the first centuries c.e.


    The comparative anthropological study of illiteracy began relatively only recently, and therefore it is no wonder that most of its research is devoted to contemporary societies. Only few studies are related to literacy in Antiquity from which we obviously do not possess such data as we have from Europe in recent centuries.1

  12. 6 Mar 2015

    24 Hour Men's Retreat

    Submitted by Stephen Winters
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    Earlier in my life, I went through 12 years of counseling (which ended in 2006). During that time I was a part of several groups where we really got real with one another. They were not Bible Studies (I've had my fill of those), but rather they were groups where we shared our deepest pains and failings. We supported and encouraged one another. Ever since I left counseling (and the last group ended) I have desired to find another such group. I have been part of a men's Bible study group that lasted for about 2 years, but that didn't meet the need to be real.

  13. 7 Feb 2015

    Praying to help God?

    Submitted by Stephen Winters
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    I was recently at a meeting of Christians who were praying. On of the women there prayed this in her prayer:

    "I pray that everything might turn out the way that God wants it to turn out."

    I wondered why she said that and if she realized the implications of her prayer. Stop a minute and think about it. Ask yourself what that prayer might mean. Did she think that things wouldn't turn out like God wants unless she prayed that? Did she think that she was helping God by praying that type of prayer?