Our Spiritual Journey

Much of this information has been written by and comes from Stephen and to a lesser from Emmy, who is still to a larger degree somewhat a traditional Christian. This website has been written by Stephen and most describes his own spiritual awareness and journey.
  1. 30 Dec 2014

    Flipping the 40-Minute Sermon

    Submitted by Stephen Winters
    K. E. Yates, Flipping the 40-Minute Sermon, 2013. [Online]. Available: http://www.christianitytoday.com/women/2013/may/flipping-40-minute-sermon.html?paging=off.

    A new trend in academia encourages educators to focus less on lecture and more on active learning within the classroom environment.

    "The danger with lucid lectures…is that they create the illusion of teaching for teachers, and the illusion of learning for learners," explained Eric Mazur, a professor and pioneer for this educational model, in Harvard Magazine. "Sitting passively and taking notes is just not a way of learning. Yet lectures are 99 percent of how we teach!"

  2. 28 Dec 2014

    Done With "Church as Usual"

    Submitted by Stephen Winters
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    Define "church"

    I am 63 years old and I am done with traditional church (Actually, I've been "done" for a number of years, but haven't thought of it in those terms before. (see References below at the bottom of this page.)).I'm tired, long tired, of being preached "at" and taught "at", I want to be interacted "with". Enough of having preachers speaking at me, and enough of having Bible teachers teaching at me. Just enough!!!

  3. 27 Oct 2014

    Thought Scripts

    Submitted by Stephen Winters


    Sometimes, when we are learning to control our thinking and control unwanted thoughts, it really helps to have a thought script written out and memorized so that it can be used at a second's notice. For best results, the script should be written to apply to your specific situation.

    Thought scripts are used to replace other unwanted thoughts.

    Here is an example of one script I wrote, memorized and used for many years.

  4. 31 Aug 2014

    What does "Seeking God" mean

    Submitted by Stephen Winters

    I recently was looking through Facebook and saw this quote:

    "God you have the answers I need. I'm seeking you first." Matthew 6:33

      I looked up the reference, Matthew 6:33

    "Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need." Matthew 6:33, New Living Translation

    It is so easy to say, "I'm seeking the Lord", but what does that really mean?

  5. 19 Aug 2014

    Statement of Faith

    Submitted by Stephen Winters

    Many churches and religious organizations have written a statement of faith that they put on their website and pamphlets. If the leadership of those organizations wish to display their statements of faith, it is perfectly appropriate for them to do so. It shows the website visitors and prospective members what the leaders of that organization considers important.

  6. 13 Aug 2014

    Stephen's Eating Plan

    Submitted by Stephen Winters



    Breads, pastries, pies,


    Processed food

    Dairy, butter, margarine


    Stop being the garbage disposal. Don't eat that last bit of food. Put it away or throw it away.

    No Snacking


    Eat small portions. Portion sizes is one of the main keys to loosing weight

    Do take time to make a proper meal.

    Put everything on your plate at the the first.

  7. 25 Jan 2014

    Overcoming Failure

    Submitted by Stephen Winters

    Many of us have failed at many things in life. Many of us even think that we have failed God, over and over again. However, failure is not the problem.

    "There is no failure except in giving up." - Robert D. Hales

    "Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently." - Henry Ford

    "My great concern is not whether you have failed, but whether you are content with your failure." Abraham Lincoln

  8. 24 Nov 2013

    God Spoke

    Submitted by Stephen Winters

    When a person or a book says that "God Spoke" (not be be confused with "God told me"), what does that mean? When we think of another person "speaking" to us, we can visualize the process. First the thought was formed in that person's mind. Then the mind sends the message to the lungs to force out air through the air passages to.... then the vocal cords are called to ...  and then the tongue shapes in various ways to shapes the sounds.