Our Spiritual Journey

Much of this information has been written by and comes from Stephen and to a lesser from Emmy, who is still to a larger degree somewhat a traditional Christian. This website has been written by Stephen and most describes his own spiritual awareness and journey.
  1. 26 Apr 2013
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    Fortunately not all young people are like this. However I've seen some young people, who I know well, who are very prideful, who think that they know it all, and won't listen to advice. They have seen other older adults do many things with seeming ease. Consequently, these young people think that many things are easy, that they can do anything without much effort: They know how to do it! However, when they do it themselves they try to make a quick job of it doing the project and make a mess of things. They get angry and grumble about this or that, about something not being  right.

  2. 22 Mar 2013

    The World At Large

    Submitted by Stephen Winters

    Have you ever wondered where the world came from? 

    When we consider how the world got here, we are left with the following options (and perhaps others):

    If the World has always been here,

    • Would that mean that no one made it?

    Or, if it had a beginning

    If it had a beginning, then we have to wonder:

  3. 12 Mar 2013

    Are You Aware?

    Submitted by Stephen Winters
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    Becoming Aware

    As limited human beings we can't be aware of everything. With all the noise, clutter, and distractions of life, wWe become aware of the things that are important to us. For example, for a mother with a baby, she hears the infants every cry. As a dog owner, I'm aware of the single scratch of my dog against the door when he wants in.

    The same is true in becoming aware of life principles.

    That which we focus on is that of which we become aware.

  4. 7 Jan 2013

    Loving Your Wife, with and without sex

    Submitted by Stephen Winters
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    Part of being a man is loving your wife no matter how she is feeling, no matter if she is grouchy, no matter if you get sex when you want it or not. This is learning to love in a very true sense with genuine love. When she says "no" it is so easy to feel hurt and to even feel bitter. But as a husband one must continually put those feelings aside, throw those emotions away. If you run away, then even the little bit of good times will also be lost. In a very real sense, we husband have to be continually reaffirming, loving and kind.

  5. 6 Jan 2013

    The Events of The Bible

    Submitted by Stephen Winters

    Was there a real man named Jesus who lived 2000 years ago? Was he the "son" of God? Did he do any or all of the things that the Gospels say that he did? What does that mean? What is God?

    Some Christians say that there is historical evidence that Jesus lived.

    Some historians say that there is no record of Jesus in any of the contemporary writings of his time. There is only a brief mention of him in the writings of Josephus a hundred years later.

  6. 6 Jan 2013

    Godliness Versus Christianity

    Submitted by Stephen Winters

    It seems to me that there is a vast difference between godliness and modern day christianity. Godliness is about believing and living by that which is true.  So, it could be compared to living by the scientific method.

        Ask a Question
        Do Background Research
        Construct a Hypothesis
        Test Your Hypothesis by Doing an Experiment
        Analyze Your Data and Draw a Conclusion
        Communicate Your Results

    Thereby you have tested it for yourself and can more readily "believe" what you have yourself seen and done.

  7. 1 Dec 2012

    the Value of Cleaning

    Submitted by Stephen Winters

    In some ways I'm a ..... probably more than most people. I'm very aware of the presence of germs and other contaminants all over the place. It doesn't stop me from living, but .... Whenever I've petted the dog and I'm about to eat, I'll wash my hands. When I'm cutting up raw meat, I realize how important it is to keep the raw meat away from any surface that it might contaminate. I don't use the same knife to cut up raw meat and then to cut up raw vegetables for the salad. Before I use my hands to handle food I first wash my hands.