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1 Welcome to My Online Abode Page Yes
25 A Pause in Writing Blog entry No
29 Brokenness Blog entry Yes
33 Faith Book page 1 Yes
34 Submission Book page 3 Yes
35 About Book page 1 Yes
36 Religion Book page 1 Yes
37 The Bible Book page 3 Yes
38 Who Wrote The Pentateuch Blog entry Yes
39 Questioning the Bible Blog entry Yes
40 Turning that which is holy into the profane Blog entry Yes
41 Asking Questions Blog entry Yes
42 Matthew 28:19 Blog entry Yes
43 The Bible Throughout the Years Blog entry Yes
45 Writing about the Word of God Blog entry Yes
46 Purpose Blog entry Yes
47 What is Sin? Blog entry Yes
48 God's Plan Blog entry Yes
50 Name Calling Blog entry Yes
51 Parenting Blog entry Yes
52 Attacks of Satan Blog entry Yes
53 Foundational Beliefs Blog entry Yes
55 What Are Your True Beliefs? Blog entry Yes
59 Wisdom of Crowds Blog entry Yes
60 Falling Away? Blog entry Yes
63 Inspiration of the Bible Blog entry Yes
64 Biblical Literalism video Blog entry Yes
65 Writer's License Blog entry Yes
67 What's in Your Heart Blog entry Yes
69 Who am I? Blog entry Yes
70 Examine Ourselves Blog entry Yes
71 Religion Must Be Practical Blog entry Yes
72 Living the Life Blog entry Yes
73 Religion, Science, & Superstitions Blog entry Yes
75 Thoughts About Prayer Book page 2 Yes
76 Faith Can Move Mountains Book page 3 Yes
77 Living A Godly Life Blog entry Yes
78 Trials come for a purpose Blog entry Yes
79 Our Thoughts Determine Our Path Blog entry Yes
80 knowing Blog entry Yes
81 We've Been Forgiven Blog entry 3 Yes
82 Purpose was Life Blog entry Yes
83 Religiosity Blog entry Yes
84 Questioning Your Faith Blog entry Yes
85 The Saving of the Soul Blog entry Yes
86 Memorization Blog entry Yes
87 Learning Humility and Thoughtfulness Blog entry Yes
88 Who are we to Love Blog entry Yes
89 Beliefs are actions Blog entry Yes
90 Ongoing Forgiveness Blog entry 3 Yes
92 More to Belief Blog entry Yes
93 Persevere to the End Blog entry Yes
94 Who is the True Child? Blog entry Yes
95 Thoughts about Repentance Blog entry Yes
96 Religion and Friendship Blog entry Yes
99 Working Premise Book page 4 Yes
100 Authorship of the Bible Book page 4 Yes
101 Belief in the Bible Book page 5 Yes
102 Bible Copies and Translations Book page 5 Yes
103 Does the Bible Claim to be the Word of God? Book page 4 Yes
104 Demystifying the Word(s) Book page 5 Yes
105 Effects of One's Belief System Book page 3 Yes
106 Evaluating the Bible Book page 4 Yes
107 History of the Bible Book page 4 Yes
108 Is the Bible True? Book page 5 Yes
109 Labeling Book page 2 Yes
110 Notes Book page 2 Yes
111 Quality of Writing Book page 4 Yes
112 Scriptures Book page 4 Yes
113 Study it Out Book page 5 Yes
114 The Law and the Prophets Book page 4 Yes
115 Why Book page 2 Yes
116 Word of God - Bible? Book page 4 Yes
117 Words Versus Concepts Book page 5 Yes
118 Word of God Came to Me Book page 4 Yes
119 The Dark Ages Book page 5 Yes
120 Looking past the Offense Blog entry 3 Yes
121 The words Blog entry Yes
122 Just mentioning something doesn't make it so Blog entry Yes
123 Spiritual and Secular Blog entry Yes
124 Our Perceptions Affect Reality Blog entry Yes
126 Portals to the Dark Side Blog entry Yes
127 Our Attitude Can Affect the Outcome. Blog entry Yes
128 A Self-Centered God? Blog entry Yes
129 Truth Blog entry Yes
130 Through the Ages Blog entry Yes
131 Spirit and The Letter Book page Yes
132 Our Focus Blog entry No
133 Possible Topics for Study and Essays Book page Yes
137 What is Sin? Book page 3 Yes
138 Purity? Blog entry Yes
139 What is Your God Blog entry Yes
140 "I Believe!" Blog entry Yes
141 Will You Forgive me? Blog entry 3 Yes
142 God is All Blog entry Yes
146 Faith is a New Life, Not a Religion Book page 2 Yes
149 Turning Trials into Blessings Blog entry Yes
153 What is Evil? Blog entry No
156 God's Chosen People? Blog entry No
165 What is Our Goal in Learning? Blog entry Yes
166 Freewill and Predestination Blog entry Yes
167 April Fools Day and Jokes Blog entry Yes
168 What is integrity Blog entry Yes
170 "Lord, Protect me." Blog entry Yes
171 Implications of Beliefs Book page 3 Yes
172 Predestination And Free Will Book page 3 Yes
173 Is Hell Real? Book page 2 Yes
174 Prayer Book page 2 No
176 God's Desire Blog entry Yes
177 The Law and the Spirit Book page 2 Yes
178 The Way of Love Book page 1 Yes
179 Unity or Uniformity Book page 2 No
180 Fruit of the Spirit Book page 3 Yes
181 Fighting Evil Book page 2 Yes
183 God's Desires Blog entry Yes
184 Questions About God Book page 2 Yes
185 True Beliefs Book page 2 Yes
191 The Word of God Book page 2 Yes
192 Reading the book Book page 5 Yes
193 Is The Bible Inerrant? Book page 5 Yes
194 Infallible? Book page 4 No
195 A Tree Falling Blog entry Yes
196 Life Lessons Book page 2 Yes
197 Focused Awareness Book page 3 Yes
198 Preaching Blog entry Yes
199 Preaching Blog entry No
200 The Art of Confessing or Apologizing Book page 3 Yes
201 Asking Questions Book page 3 Yes
202 Forgiveness Book page 2 Yes
203 Asking Forgiveness Book page 3 Yes
204 Life Examples Book page 3 Yes
205 True Life Blog entry Yes
206 Being a Light, Witnessing Book page 3 Yes
213 Love demonstrated, but misunderstood Book page 2 Yes
214 God Book page 1 Yes
216 Hold onto your principles. Book page 3 Yes
219 Stages of Growth Book page 2 Yes
228 The Enemy Book page 3 No
232 sound and hearing Blog entry Yes
233 Repentence Book page 3 Yes
235 What is a Statement of Faith? Book page 3 Yes
237 The faith that changes us: The faith that pleases God Blog entry Yes
238 What does it mean to have faith? Blog entry Yes
239 What are your values base upon? Blog entry Yes
240 We become that which we accept Blog entry Yes
246 What is Prayer Book page 2 Yes
249 Examining Some "Traditional" Beliefs About The Bible Book page 5 Yes
253 Written by an All Knowing God Book page 5 Yes
259 God's Word Comes Alive Blog entry Yes
261 What Do You Truly Believe? Blog entry Yes
263 John 1:1 The Word Blog entry Yes
265 The God of Simplicity Blog entry Yes
266 One God Blog entry Yes
267 God's Word and Bible Study Blog entry Yes
268 The Blessing of Grace Blog entry Yes
271 Fellowship Book page 2 Yes
272 My Experience of Fellowship Book page 3 Yes
273 Using "THE" word Blog entry Yes
276 What is Salvation? Book page 2 Yes
277 Christ and Religion Blog entry Yes
279 What is Correct Doctrine? Book page 2 Yes
286 The Law Blog entry Yes
287 Ideas for Small Groups Book page 3 Yes
288 The Spirit Book page 1 Yes
289 The Evidence of the Holy Spirit Book page 2 Yes
290 Prayer Book page 1 Yes
291 Conditions Book page 2 Yes
292 "Biblical" Greek Book page 4 Yes
293 Computers Book page 2 No
294 Computer Hardware Sources Book page 3 Yes
295 My Computer Hardware Thoughts Book page 3 Yes
296 Computer Building Tutorials Book page 3 Yes
297 How to Choose Computer Hardware Book page 3 Yes
298 Computer Kits Book page 3 Yes
299 Computer Parts Being Considered Book page 3 Yes
300 Computer Hardware Reviews Book page 3 Yes
302 Computer ToDo List Book page 3 Yes
303 Useful Specifications Book page 3 Yes
304 Which Belief is Right? Book page 3 Yes
313 Fables of Faith Book page 2 Yes
314 Walking In The Spirit Book page 3 Yes
316 Science, Truth, and Faith Book page 3 Yes
325 What is Faith? What is PseudoFaith? Book page 2 Yes
333 What is Legalism? Book page 3 Yes
334 The Spirit and the Flesh Book page 2 Yes
335 Not By Works - Work Out Your Salvation Book page 3 Yes
336 Perseverance & Consistancy Book page 3 Yes
337 Faith Without Actions is Useless Book page 3 Yes
338 Parenting Book page 3 Yes
339 Accepting Correction from One's Child Book page 4 Yes
340 Truth Book page 2 Yes
341 Confession Book page 3 Yes
343 Family Book page 2 Yes
344 Believing is Faith in Action Book page 2 Yes
345 Examples of Faith Book page 2 Yes
346 The Decorator and the Cornice Book page 3 Yes
348 A Father's Role Book page 4 Yes
349 A Father Provides Security Book page 5 Yes
350 I AM The Way, The Truth, and The Life Book page 2 Yes
355 The Spirit, A Person or an Mental Disposition? Book page 2 No
356 Healthy Religion Book page 2 Yes
364 God Speaks to Us Book page 3 Yes
367 Faith & "Satan" Blog entry Yes
368 Finding the Truth Blog entry Yes
371 What is God? Book page 2 Yes
373 What is God? - A beginning of thoughts Blog entry 2 Yes
374 Salvation: Saved From What? Saved to What? Book page 3 Yes
375 Do you Believe in Hell? Book page 2 No
386 Links Book page 1 Yes
390 Only God Can Truly Save Blog entry Yes
391 The Concept of Hell Book page 3 Yes
393 Authority of the Bible Book page 5 Yes
394 Is True Faith Logical Book page 2 Yes
395 Living "In the Spirit" Book page 2 Yes
396 Character Development Book page 1 Yes
397 Virtue Book page 2 Yes
398 Franklin's 13 Virtues Book page 3 Yes
399 Our Pride Keeps Us Immature Book page 2 Yes
400 The Spirit of the Virtues Causes Growth Blog entry Yes
404 Consistant Good Behavior Is Your True Witness Blog entry Yes
405 My Working Premises for this Website Book page 2 Yes
406 The Definition of Prayer Book page 2 Yes
407 Conquer Evil By Doing Good Blog entry Yes
408 Internalizing the Law and Keeping In Step With The Spirit Blog entry 3 Yes
414 Thoughtfulness In Playing Games Blog entry 3 Yes
415 Thoughtfulness Book page 2 Yes
416 Being Thoughtful in Our Daily Lives Book page 3 Yes
421 Why Do I Do This Website? Book page 2 Yes
427 Claims of Bible Authorship Book page 5 Yes
431 Friendship Book page 3 Yes
432 Repentance: Can We Really Change? Book page 2 Yes
443 Links Book page 2 Yes
444 Trials Book page 3 Yes
445 Fatherhood Book page 3 Yes
446 Manners Book page 3 Yes
453 What is the Bible? Book page 5 Yes
454 Making Sacrifices Opens The Heart Blog entry Yes
458 Was Jesus a Heretic? Book page 2 Yes
478 Idol Worship in Our Daily Lives Blog entry Yes
484 Idolatry Book page 2 Yes
485 My Story Book page 2 Yes
486 When You Have Harmed Someone, Don't Ask For Forgiveness Book page 3 Yes
490 Loving Your Wife Book page 3 Yes
493 A Search for God Blog entry Yes
497 Premises and Implications Book page 4 Yes
499 God, Sin, and Hell Blog entry Yes
500 How Much of the Bible Applies to Us Today? Blog entry No
504 What does Bible Idolatry Look Like? Book page 3 Yes
506 Seeking Freedom From Negativity. Blog entry Yes
509 Letting Your Light Shine Blog entry Yes
511 James 5:13-15 The Prayer of Healing Book page 2 Yes
514 Asking The Holy Spirit Blog entry 2 Yes
515 The Fundamentals Book page 2 Yes
517 What is a Heathy Belief System Book page 3 Yes
520 Love The Lord Your God Blog entry Yes
521 Evidence Based Religion Blog entry Yes
522 The Connectiveness of Life Book page 2 Yes
524 What is Proof Book page 2 Yes
528 Lessons from the World of Computers Book page 2 Yes
531 Believing Versus Knowing Blog entry Yes
539 Is the Bible Infallible? Book page 5 Yes
540 The Birth of Jesus Book page 2 Yes
542 How are we to love our neighbors? Blog entry Yes
543 The Religion of Jesus Blog entry Yes
545 Worshipping Jesus Blog entry Yes
547 Can Christians, Agnostics & Atheists Get Along With Each Other? Blog entry Yes
558 The Concept of Satan Book page 2 Yes
560 If There Is A God, Why Are There Problems, Evil, and Disasters In The World? Blog entry Yes
567 A holy book? Blog entry Yes
568 Words Have Meanings Blog entry Yes
571 Pirate Day? Blog entry Yes
572 What is the True Way? Book page 2 Yes
574 Trust Blog entry Yes
576 Choose Your Framework Blog entry Yes
578 Learning to Live in God Blog entry Yes
583 The Debunking of Hell Book page 3 Yes
584 A Religious Skeptic Book page 2 Yes
585 What Do You Mean by God? Book page 2 Yes
586 Using Your Faith Book page 2 Yes
590 The Importance of Dressing Modestly Book page 2 Yes
592 Audio Links Book page 3 Yes
593 Your Clothing Reveals Your Identity Book page 2 Yes
594 True Beauty is Not Something You Put on Your Skin Book page 2 Yes
598 Learning to Be Thankful Book page 2 Yes
599 Clear Thinking Book page 3 Yes
600 The Nature of the Offense Book page 3 Yes
601 What is a Prophet? Book page 2 Yes
602 Writing Towards Wholeness Blog entry Yes
604 What Will You Do In This Moment? Blog entry Yes
606 Quotations Book page 2 Yes
607 The Paradox of God's Intervention Blog entry Yes
610 Faith is a Journey Blog entry Yes
612 Scripture Memory? Blog entry Yes
614 Purity Restored Blog entry Yes
615 Being Joyful is a Choice Blog entry Yes
616 the Value of Cleaning Blog entry Yes
618 Video Links Book page 2 Yes
620 Godliness Versus Christianity Blog entry Yes
621 Wholistic Health Blog entry Yes
622 The Events of The Bible Blog entry Yes
623 Loving Your Wife, with and without sex Blog entry Yes
624 Health Book page 1 Yes
629 We Become What We Think And Do Blog entry Yes
630 Overcoming Evil Blog entry Yes
632 Never Claim to be The Best! Blog entry Yes
633 Are You Aware? Blog entry Yes
634 The World At Large Book page 2 Yes
635 Youth: Life is Much Harder Than You Think, But It Can Be Much Easier Than You Make It. Blog entry Yes
636 In Memory of "Dwayne" Blog entry Yes
637 Ministry Versus Service Book page 2 Yes
639 What is Modesty? Blog entry Yes
641 Good Manners and Character Links Book page 2 Yes
642 The Making of a Man Book page 2 Yes
643 A Woman of Character and True Beauty Book page 2 Yes
646 How We Respond Changes The Outcome Book page 2 Yes
648 To "be" Book page 2 Yes
652 Prayer, Mental Rehearsal Book page 2 Yes
655 The Write Frame of Mind Book page 3 Yes
656 The Loving of Another Book page 2 Yes
657 God Spoke Book page 4 Yes
658 God Told Me Book page 2 Yes
659 Free Will Book page 2 Yes
662 Overcoming Failure Book page 2 Yes
663 Two Self-Defeating Lies We Tell Book page 3 Yes
664 Stephen's Eating Plan Book page 2 No
665 Statement of Faith Book page 2 Yes
666 What does "Seeking God" mean Book page 2 Yes
667 Done With "Church as Usual" Blog entry Yes
695 Giving Biblical Advice? Book page 4 Yes
696 Praying to help God? Blog entry Yes
697 24 Hour Men's Retreat Blog entry Yes
698 Finding a New Men's Group Blog entry Yes
701 Traditional Christianity: Do You Believe The Right Things Blog entry No
703 Football? Blog entry Yes
705 What about Jesus? Blog entry Yes
706 How can you know God's will Book page 3 Yes
707 The Only True Religion Book page 2 Yes
708 Developing Character Book page 2 Yes
709 God's Design Blog entry Yes
710 Game Night - The Hurricane Fan - Serving My Wife Blog entry Yes
711 An Air Compressor, a New Friend, and a New Church Blog entry Yes
712 Men: Finding Meaning and Significance Blog entry Yes
713 Without Grumbling and Complaining - Be Thankful Blog entry Yes
714 Is the Bible Reliable? Book page 4 Yes
715 Fix Your Mistakes Promptly Blog entry Yes
716 A Gift of Camping Blog entry Yes
717 Do You Believe The "Correct" Doctrine?? Blog entry Yes
718 "The Bible Clearly Says" Book page 4 Yes
719 Asking God For Help Blog entry Yes
720 The Call to Go Deeper, In a Small Group Blog entry Yes
721 Bible Guilt Blog entry Yes
722 Relationship with the Lord Blog entry Yes
723 To Glorify God? Blog entry Yes
724 God Wants Me To Do This!!! Blog entry Yes
727 Take One Tiny Step Blog entry Yes
728 The Modern Church Model Blog entry Yes
729 The Customer Experience Book page 2 Yes
730 Dee Duke Blog entry Yes
732 Faith, Salvation, and Signs Blog entry Yes
733 The Laws of Life. Blog entry Yes
734 Love Your Wife Blog entry Yes
735 Our Thoughts Book page 2 Yes
736 Stop Unwanted Thoughts-1st Draft Book page 3 Yes
737 Thought Scripts Book page 4 Yes
738 When You Borrow Something Book page 3 Yes
739 God is Love: So Are You, Live Out Who You Are Blog entry Yes
740 Finding Yourself Blog entry Yes
741 What Am I? Blog entry Yes
742 What is God: What do I mean when I say God? Blog entry 2 Yes
743 Being A True Friend Blog entry Yes
745 Does God Have an Anger Managment Problem? Blog entry Yes
746 Contrasting Traditional Christianity With One Person's Reality Book page 2 Yes
747 Religion, Science, and Truth Blog entry Yes
748 Worshiping God? Blog entry 2 Yes
749 Belief is Not Knowledge.... or Evidence Book page 2 Yes
751 Religion and Relationships Book page 2 Yes
752 Lessons From The Father Of The Prodigal Son Blog entry Yes
753 Watch the Actions More than the Words Blog entry Yes
754 Is God Real? Is There a God? Book page 2 Yes
755 Doctrines Are Divisive Opinions Masquerading as Truth Book page 3 Yes
756 Finding Interest in Life Book page 3 Yes
757 Worthwhile Videos Book page 2 Yes
758 Expanding Masculinity: Moving Beyond Boys Will Be Boys | Book page 3 Yes
759 Putting Aside Beliefs Blog entry Yes
760 Men's Work Book page 2 Yes
761 Beliefs Blog entry Yes
762 Some Thoughts about the Holy Spirit Blog entry Yes
763 Life in a Box Blog entry Yes
764 How Long Will We Homeschool? Blog entry Yes
765 Chose Your Path Blog entry Yes
766 In The Name Of God Blog entry Yes
767 Someday, God Will Be God Blog entry Yes
768 Ministry & Service Blog entry Yes
769 Daily Living and the Church Blog entry Yes
770 God is Not in the Talking Blog entry Yes
771 Modesty is Beautiful Blog entry Yes
772 Input and Consequences Blog entry Yes
773 Following God's Leading Blog entry Yes
774 Meaning To Life Blog entry Yes
775 Having Faith Versus Seeking Truth Blog entry Yes
776 Center for Courage & Renewal Organization Yes
777 Church of the Larger Fellowship (CLF) Organization Yes
778 Bible Errors and Attrocities Book page 5 Yes
780 Learning to Live Freely Book page 1 Yes
781 What do I know? Blog entry Yes
782 Living A Spotless Life Blog entry Yes
783 A Spotless Life Book page Yes
784 A Spotless Life, A Beginning. Blog entry Yes
785 Addictions and a Spotless life Blog entry No
786 Living a Life of Wonder Blog entry Yes
787 Stephen's Eating Plan Book page 2 Yes
788 Wanting to be Known and Accepted Blog entry Yes
789 Accountability and hope Blog entry Yes
790 Is There A God? Blog entry Yes
791 A Great Encouragement at the UU Church Blog entry Yes
793 A Meaningful Conversation in my shop Blog entry Yes
794 Giving My Wife the Best Blog entry Yes
795 Living A Life of Service Blog entry Yes
796 Journaling Book page 2 Yes
797 How to Journal Book page 3 Yes
798 Meaningful Thinkers Book page 2 Yes
799 Our Path to the Unitarian Universalist Church Blog entry Yes
800 Not Normal Blog entry Yes
803 Listened to the Woman at the Park Blog entry Yes
804 Back to the UU Church, A Meaningful Discussion Blog entry Yes
805 Not About The Church Hierarchy Blog entry Yes
806 Plant Based Diet Doctors Book page Yes
807 Plant Based Diet Doctors Book page Yes
808 Plant Based Diet Doctors Book page 2 Yes
809 Unproven Christian Assertions Blog entry Yes
810 Serving the L.O.R.D Blog entry Yes
814 Plant Based Documentaries Book page 2 Yes
815 Love your enemies Book page 2 Yes
816 Test 31 Yes