27 Dec 2011

Our Pride Keeps Us Immature

Submitted by Stephen Winters
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Our pride keeps us blind to our own faults and immature. It is only through seeing our own weaknesses and correcting them that we start to grow towards maturity. An immature person will get angry if you call her immature, and yet that very anger is a strong indicater of her immaturity. Compare the response of a more mature person. When you point a character defect of a maturing person, she will be thankful and will begin correcting it.

8 Sep 2009

Following God's Leading

Submitted by Stephen Winters

Much too often people have used the term “Following the Lord”….. to justify doing whatever they want to do. How often to people get tired of struggling or get tired of doing what is right, and then just justify running away by saying, “God told me to go….”. When someone uses the words “God told me… “ or “the Lord led me” etc., it is very easy to use these words to shut people up from asking more details.

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