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2 Oct 2012

Writing Towards Wholeness

Submitted by Stephen Winters


"Have you say that you valued the business advice section of the website has kind of confirmed something that I've been doing, and want to do more of: writing articles on the business, record keeping-bookkeeping, and management parts of upholstery. These are the topics that interest me a lot, partly because my business was so deficient, and we suffered greatly, in those areas in the past. There is still a lot that I want to write in those areas, as I have time."





20 Jun 2007


Submitted by Stephen Winters
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Two nights ago I was in a men’s group. During my time to share I had read a page from a book called The Criminal Personality, Volume 1, starting on page 297. This book was based upon the pioneering work, that spanned well over a decade, of it’s authors. The page I was reading described how a large percentage (about 99%) of criminals (in the study) had had some religious training in their childhood.


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