4 Jun 2012

The Concept of Satan

Submitted by Stephen Winters
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The concept of Satan is very seductive and very popular among Christians. Satan is a convenient scapegoat to take the blame for:

  • anything bad that happens.
  • the consequences of one's own actions.
  • anything that a person can't or doesn't want to explain

Whenever a person says that he is being "attacked by Satan", he assumes or claims that:

2 Dec 2011

Faith & "Satan"

Submitted by Stephen Winters
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Adult behavior is taking on the challenges of life and working through them through to completion ... Adults are constantly working through many challenges at one time

Immature behavior is only doing what is required.



To say that this earth is anything except how God planned it to be is to say that God is not in control, that God is not God.

1 Jun 2010

Attacks of Satan

Submitted by Stephen Winters
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Many times an "attack of Satan" is nothing more that the consequences of our own poor choices or inappropriate behavior.

How many times have seen good Christian people make a decision and then pray to God to "make it work out" or "bless this ." without ever investigating and check out the possible consequence of their desired...


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