6 Feb 2012

Loving Your Wife

Submitted by Stephen Winters
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What I'm about to tell you only applies if your wife is a normal healthy, mature, and emotionally sound woman. If you married a selfish "cute" girl, then all bets are off.

First, I will tell you about women and then I will tell you your roll.

Women are very sensitive, emotional, and wonderful creatures. Each woman is different and will act differently in each situation.

29 Oct 2010

Ongoing Forgiveness

Submitted by Stephen Winters
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Throughout the course  of each day their are countless... that occur that can build resentment and bitterness. The process of forgiveness is monitoring and being constantly aware of our thinking. As each event happens that triggers a pain or ... response, then we consciously let it go. Whenever we feel hurt and want to withdraw, we instead reach out in kindness. With each .... we disarm it by proactively acting contrary to our emotions. We think kind thoughts and proactively do some acts of kindness to those who hurt us. To be ....

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