6 Jun 2013

In Memory of "Dwayne"

Submitted by Stephen Winters

I don't know if I'm remembering his correct name, but it's the name that came to me as I was remembering.

I had went out on my normal bike ride in the country. While most of my route is flat, one road has a somewhat steep hill. As I road to the top of the hill I stopped to call my wife. Then I noticed an old pickup truck across the road. A middle aged man was by the truck. He called to me a compliment for making it up the hill on my bike. He said that he was 48 and it was a tough hill for him to climb. He thought that I must be about 60. I told him that I was 62.

12 Mar 2013

Are You Aware?

Submitted by Stephen Winters
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Becoming Aware

As limited human beings we can't be aware of everything. With all the noise, clutter, and distractions of life, wWe become aware of the things that are important to us. For example, for a mother with a baby, she hears the infants every cry. As a dog owner, I'm aware of the single scratch of my dog against the door when he wants in.

The same is true in becoming aware of life principles.

That which we focus on is that of which we become aware.

6 Jan 2013

The Events of The Bible

Submitted by Stephen Winters

Was there a real man named Jesus who lived 2000 years ago? Was he the "son" of God? Did he do any or all of the things that the Gospels say that he did? What does that mean? What is God?

Some Christians say that there is historical evidence that Jesus lived.

Some historians say that there is no record of Jesus in any of the contemporary writings of his time. There is only a brief mention of him in the writings of Josephus a hundred years later.


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