18 Jun 2015

Men: Finding Meaning and Significance

Submitted by Stephen Winters

Men want meaning and significance of their lives, however they often don't know how to achieve it. They think that they have to do something grandiose or that they have to make themselves look good or they try to win it by good personality . All those things are meaningless dribble. True meaning and significance can only be achieved by being real and honest about who you are and what you are doing. It is in learning to connect with people in a real and meaningful way, putting aside all pretense of trying to look good or trying to be the best.

17 Jun 2015

You never know where life is going to lead, or where the events of any day may take you. Great blessings often come out of seeming tragedies. Live each moment with integrety and honor (without grumbling and complaining) there are blessings waiting for you at any moment. I have an unusual story to tell.

13 Jun 2015

Over the past two or three months I have been helping to plan a men's retreat . Part of the focus of the retreat, which was last weekend, was being men of character and learning to willingly serve our wives. As part of that I have been doing a lot of thinking about the type of husband that I want to be, which is to act kindly and considerately towards her at all times and to put her need before my own.



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